about Typeface Brand-Parameters method

Typeface is a cornerstone of visual communications. Though readers (or customers) don't completely understand typefaces, customers feel typefaces well. The Typeface Brand-Parameters theory and method aim to make the choice of typeface for visual communications more obvious and logic.

Typeface brand-parameters

current definition

the idea:

Choosing type for branding projects or any visual communication usually is a question of personal experience and luck. Readers don't need to be into typeface theme to feel the emotional message of type forms. Is it possible to link basic and more complicated emotions with geometric parameters of glyphs? That would make typeface choice more logic, reasonable and probably more valid for brand's tone of voice.

the hypothesis:

Type form is a multi-axis system. None of axis parameters is completely isolated from the other. So direct linkage between one geometric axis and one emotional axis is hardly definable (actually, it could be set for a limited number of simple emotional axises). So to define links geometry–emotion a vast number of typeforms it to be analysed.

The research:

The research for defining Brand-Parameters (geometry–emotion) started with analysys of existing typefaces and setting relations with tone of voice emotional variations.


All the found relations tested to be objective through prototyping a typeface with preassigned emotional impact. Every found and proved link is set as Typeface Brand-Parameter.

Today a certain list of tpeface brand-parameters could be shared:

Some typeface brand-parameters could be shared
(keynote from Granshan 2019 conference)

Current status:

Some sophisticated emotions could be presented through different axises. Current research is about setting the multi-axis links to emotions.


The theory is beeng proved through series of projects. The aim is to set a method of typeface parametrisation with brand-parameters.

Comission a typeface brand parameters research

Granshan 2019 conference
Aliaksei Koval
Putting brand identity into typeface design