Logo design for 600$ (500€) in 15 business days

Logo design or redesign is based on Typeface Brand Parameters method. We make a research and provide you two versions of logo: a main one and alternative (minor oppinion) one. We'll make up to 2 revisions of chosen variant.

We charge 40% in advance for the research. If no resulting variant suits you—you don't pay 60% left.

it takes 15 days to design a logo

You'll get a Typeface Brand Parameters for your logo in 5 days. 3 to 5 days after the research you'll get two variants of logo, based on Brand-Parameters. If needed you'll be provided up to 2 revisions of logo.


If the logo doesn't suits your business—you will not pay 60% of contract to us. If we delay the final design—we'll reduce our contract price for 1% per working day (not more than –50% of contract price).

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